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The Importance of Creative Expression

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

My coaching practice presents a unique approach to the subject of beauty. My program takes each individual inward. The practice connects us to our God given gift of creativity. I understand the importance of doing creative work in relation to our life progression. If we don’t use our God given ability to create art through our expression, and I am not talking about producing a professional piece of art to sell, I am speaking of utilizing the gift of our creativity and the power to express it.
What happens when our creativity atrophies and we find ourselves depleted? We stagnate and do not grow from the challenges that are only here to teach us something about ourselves as part of our evolutionary process.
If we continue on in life without utilizing our gift of creativity, how do we expect to bring forth necessary changes in our lives, especially when our ability to create is completely shut down and locked up, inside. I believe at this time that we are all being called to raise our vibration and touch upon our higher self. Our creative expression is a tool to assist us in our ascension, both individually, and collectively.


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