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The Essence of True Beauty

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Most of us women have suffered by measuring ourselves to an impossible standard of perfection set by the media and large companies with profit as their goal. During my professional years as an esthetician, I listened to stories that were truly heartbreaking. Beautiful women of all ages were tormented by the perception of perfection. We are all aware of how society puts quite a bit of emphasis on our physical being. However, beauty is not found solely in the external, it is internal as well. Meditation, prayer, journaling, expressive art, dreamwork, and movement all offer an opportunity to get in touch with the truth of our own essence. When we learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are, we reconnect to the parts of ourselves that we have rejected and give birth to one, whole, healthy human being. This inner exploration empowers us to serve as role models for a younger generation caught in a world of externals. By being connected to our divinity within, we can finally begin to forgive ourselves and others. The result is a radiant beauty that cannot be bought, captured, or lost in time.

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  1. Audrey Ray

    Thank you for this little reminder. Very helpful. Easy to fall into the trap of body image and body perfection.


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