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The Divine Process of Reinventing the Self

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In reinventing the self, one begins to conceive a concept of a self in which they have not yet experienced but wish to birth into the physical world.

Reinventing oneself is not easy. The old ways of being will creep in through every crevasse in the psyche. The shadow self, weak, scared, and broken will gravitate to the familiar and be tempted to take the easier path. Well grooved patterns within will be repeatedly triggered and seduced into taking the old route. It is the familiar, seemingly secure places it is attached to. How secure is it though, when the concept of the new self seeks to birth a higher expression?

It is in this space the temptation to go backwards is particularly strong, especially when fear is triggered. This is why it is so vitally important to cultivate a daily, spiritual practice in which we can develop a deep trust to the self through the divine. A spiritual practice allows time for the conception of the higher self, who has been newly conceived and needs to grow in the womb of new life experience.

Like a trusted friend we turn to in times of adversity, we listen for the voice of the divine to strengthen us inwardly and give us direction. We connect to the intuitive self who is fully present in the expression of the higher self.

The path of birthing a higher expression of the creative, intuitive, strong, and beautiful self is a slow and gentle process. New experiences will unfold by developing the courage to step into places we have never been to by committing to our spiritual practice. This embryonic stage of development will indeed meet the day when the new self is fully formed. Birthed by walking with full trust on an unfamiliar path, it has now become a natural state in which the divine expression of the self has fully emerged.


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