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The Beauty and Joy of Maturing in Divine Love

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Follow the yellow brick road. Seems we have all walked this curvy, brightly lit path in hopes to find love in another. Along the way we met the tin man stuck in his life, functioning without a heart. Then there was the cowardly lion afraid to love, but he spun a good story behind his keyboard where he remains indefinitely, afraid of getting hurt again. Who could ever forget meeting the the scarecrow, poor guy didn’t have the ability to critically think for he lacked a brain, but man oh man, could he dance! The great wizard turned out to be a fraud, blowing smoke behind the curtain of his own self deception.

Indeed, internet dating is a journey of learning, mostly about the self. You see, we have traversed down this road long enough to understand that no one outside of ourselves can make us happy. With our red shoes now planted firmly on the earth, our desire to experience love becomes an inside quest. We begin to cultivate love from the divine within, rather than seeking it in another. As we nurture this divine love from within, we become whole, and naturally share this love with others. This is the beauty and joy of maturing in divine love. 


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