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Surrendering the Will: First Step in Recovery from Addictive, Toxic Relationships

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When the alcoholic reaches rock bottom, he or she often turns to the 12 step, AA program. They find support in the community, but most importantly, they come to realize they are powerless to change their life. This is the first step in recovery, admitting they are powerless. In their powerlessness, they turn their will over to the divine.

When an individual finds themselves hitting rock bottom in a toxic, addictive relationship, it would make sense for them to do the same. However, most people turn to the internet and find teachers of narcissistic, emotional abuse to guide them out of the dark, lonely, and confused place they find themselves in. They are given all the tools to detach from this toxic person but many times it fails. The person goes back because they are addicted to the person who is hurting them, they simply cannot help themselves.

I speak from experience.

I found myself so deep under that I never thought I would rise above the emotional pain, but I did. I remember lying on my ex’s bed and begging God for help. I did not have the strength to leave but I knew I had to. My soul was dying.

Through grace, I was given the strength to leave and not return. The divine orchestrated circumstances which helped me find my way out and to move forward. Without relinquishing my will and allowing God to heal my heart and reshape my life, I doubt I would have stayed away.

If the person who is reading this finds themselves in a similar place, stuck and powerless, without hope, it is my prayer they turn to God and ask for help. I can offer support, but I can’t give them the strength to let go and move on, this belongs only to the divine.

I am a coach and spiritual mentor; I am your greatest advocate. I will offer support on your journey, but you must make the first step by surrendering to the will of the divine. From there, our work begins.


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