Sally Marie Amore

Sacred Beauty Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Sally Marie Amore


Sacred Beauty Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor
Connecting to The Divine Within

Whatever challenges we face, the answers most surely lie within. 

I have had the experience of being touched by grace several times in my life and have witnessed the power of divine love. Our mission together is to establish this connection to the divine and touch upon the beauty that lies within you, which is pure love.

Love comes through the capacity to accept and forgive ourselves, as well as others. This frees us from the pain of the past, resulting in the experience of peace within. As we learn to develop trust in the divine, we build confidence in ourselves and move forward in creating the life we were born to live. 

I give you several tools to assist you in this process. A typical session involves answering questions that will come from within you. Our central focus is on building your relationship to the self by connecting to the divine and being open to receive the gifts that await you. At times, you may feel a lack of connection, this is a natural part of the spiritual path. Answers will come in unexpected ways as your process unfolds. 

I offer a complimentary discovery session in order for you to  experience scared beauty life coaching. If we both decide we are a good fit, then we will discuss the package plan best for you. 

I look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals and creating your dreams.


Sally Marie