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The Beauty in a Break Up.

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

The breakup of a relationship can be tough and at the same time allows for an opportunity to grow and redefine ourselves.  Instead of looking outward for someone to fill the void, take the time to move through the process by going inward and tapping into your own unique, creative expression. Used as a tool for healing, growth, and expansion, creating art is a powerful modality to release stuck energy. In some ways, it acts as a meditation, bringing us into the present moment and giving a visual map to the inner landscapes of our psyche.

Art making is a wonderful tool to raise conscious awareness of our early conditioning. Without awareness, we cannot make fundamental changes. If we are unaware a relationship pattern exists within us, or we are only slightly familiar with it, when it is triggered, we will project our conditioned patterning outward, onto another, and become caught in the feeling of hopelessness to change. But change comes through the creative process. Putting one’s thoughts and emotions in art form, particularly when challenged is the highest act of self love. This is where we begin to see the development of a loving relationship with the self, helping to shed old skin and move forward with a whole new perspective.

So take heart, a breakup can be the greatest catalyst for positive change and we have the tools to create it.


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  1. Joseph J. Lorusso II

    To forgive is the freedom that unburdens your soul


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