Sally Marie Amore

Sacred Beauty Coach/Spiritual Mentor

Sacred Beauty Expressive Art Coaching

Three month Program

Course Objectives

By working with an individual’s unique creative expression, the client develops a connection to their divine self and discovers their authentic beauty, resulting in a positive shift that increases their sense of self-confidence. No, clients do not have to be an artist, nor have artistic talent to participate in this program!   

3-5 Challenges My Clients Face

  • Lack of belief in the self-based upon the concept of self.
  • Inability to let go of past challenges in relationship to one’s worth.
  • Lack of spiritual connection, a feeling of being “lost.”
  • Lack of discipline and motivation to create positive changes.


Clients will gain confidence by developing a positive relationship to the self through their divine creative expression. With confidence, one can accomplish their goals and live the truth of their God given birthright of abundance and success.


5 Key Steps to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Desired Outcomes:

  • Create a daily spiritual practice through a commitment to to heart centered meditation and prayer.
  • Record relevant revelations and insights received from daily meditation practice by keeping a journal.
  • Discover unconscious motives through the discovery of individual creative expression (art, poetry, writing, etc.)
  • Create new habits to increase physical well-being by regular movement (walking, dancing, swimming, yoga) or some form of comfortable exercise tailored by the client.
  • Create realistic action steps to initiate desired changes and to hold oneself accountable.

 Discovering Your Divine Beauty

We begin the Sacred Beauty Coaching contract with establishing a daily, heart centered meditation practice. This is the most important aspect to creating positive changes. Through learning the art of heart centered meditation, one becomes aware of the mental chatter running in the background of the mind, often times undermining our ability to achieve our dreams.

Journaling too, is an important aspect to promoting a healthy relationship to the self as we often process emotional energy and gain insight through the regular habit of writing.

Changing negative habits become instrumental to developing new patterns that promote positive change and a sense of well-being.

Creative expression is also an important aspect in dissolving old patterns that no longer serve an individual. Once a client becomes aware of their negative programming, they are able to consciously discipline the voices that self-sabotage positive growth and development.

Physical movement strengthens the mind-body connection. When a client engages in regular exercise of their own choice, they begin to feel better about themselves and gain the mental clarity to carry out goals to fruition.

Creating action steps is essential to implementing positive changes the client desires to make by holding themselves accountable. This plays a critical role to self-empowerment.


A 3 month commitment is required to successfully complete the coaching contract and achieve desired outcomes. The client will meet weekly via Zoom, or for 3 consecutive – weeks with one week off in-between sessions. Clients are advised to be sure they can commit to ongoing sessions and do the necessary work to achieve their desired results. This is a wonderful, supportive program for all who want to find peace within. Clients find clarity to move forward with a strong connection to the self and their own divinity.