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Creative Arts Coaching: The Child Within Wants to Play

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As human beings, we have all been wounded somewhere along time, it starts in childhood. Some have endured unthinkable injury, while others have experienced a lesser amount of trauma. Nevertheless, the thought process we have subscribed to is the child within remains wounded, hidden deep within, and can be easily triggered when not healed.

In creative, expressive arts, often the injuries of the wounded child surface. It is not comfortable to be confronted with unhealed wounds. Many people run away from the thought of opening such a can of worms. Shame, humiliation, fear of being made fun of, feeling, and looking like a fool are too terrifying. When these emotions of the wounded child are triggered, the adult reacts.

I would like to pose a different perspective, what if the child within isn’t wounded?  I believe it is the adult’s perception of the past injury to the inner child that requires an adjustment. Perhaps if the perception of the inner child was of wholeness, healing would naturally occur.

In the Course in Miracles, it states that the Holy Spirit does not understand us when we ask to be healed, as the divine sees us as beautifully whole. Maybe it is the same with the child within. What if the inner child is already whole? Interesting perspective to ponder as an adult in the process of dealing with childhood trauma. It certainly changes the approach and relationship to the healing process!

If we perceive the wounded child within as healed and whole, we take a different approach to releasing childhood wounds that have held us back from living our best life. Imagine the child has been patiently waiting to come out and play and to show you how strong, resilient and wonderful they are. It is you, the adult they want to play with and teach what it feels like to be free, uninhibited, and expressive. 

Creative art coaching utilizes the arts, allowing space for the inner child to play. It is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting process because as adults, we often do not get the chance to pLaY! Unlike therapy, we do not spend an extended amount of time talking about our past wounds. Our primary focus is on the current day adult, whole and capable, able to initiate action steps with confidence.

To summarize, in using our imagination and creativity through the coaching process, we birth a new version of ourselves by creating new life, and bringing forth positive change. We finally begin to live out our birthright as vibrant and whole human beings, fully rooted in our own unique expression.


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